Discover the best side of Frankfurt's gastronomy

Discover the best side of Frankfurt's gastronomy





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Frankfurt am Main is located in the southwest of Germany, the fifth-largest city in the country. Frankfurt is a lively and sparkling city with abundant street life. Gastronomy is not far behind, with several typical specialties ranging from pastries to meats, sauces and alcoholic beverages.

It is a city that attracts tourists from all over the world for its history, architecture and cultural life. The Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum is a hotel that presents itself as a good option if you want to explore Frankfurt from another perspective.

Frankfurt's flagship food

Here you will find traditional pubs, restaurants and taverns serving food that have centuries of history. The most prominent dishes are meat, bread or pastries with distinctive flavors. Some of them are as follows:

Handkäse mit Musik

It is a sour milk cheese, trendy in the area. Its name means "made with your own hands" or "hand cheese with music", and it is a yellow cheese with a spicy aroma, often seen in a round shape. It is an appetizer served with cider and topped with caramelized onions.


It is one of the most recognized dishes in Germany and quite popular. It is a breaded and fried pork cutlet, similar to our Milanese cutlet. The type of meat can vary according to taste and the restaurant. It is often accompanied by baked potatoes and mushrooms.


The pork leg is marinated for days to give it an intense flavor. For larger pieces, this step can take up to a week. It is then roasted at low temperatures for a couple of hours or more to cook it whole so that the inside is juicy and the outside is crispy.

It is also known as roast ham and is regularly served with potatoes and cabbage. It is a hearty dish eaten for lunch or dinner.


It is one of the most traditional drinks and translates as apple wine, known in the times of Charlemagne. It is made by hand in taverns that are recognized for having the symbol of a garland of leafy branches on the doors.

It is a drink with a low percentage of alcohol that is said to have positive effects on circulation. Not only that, but it began to be produced mainly when the grapes could not ripen as in the past due to climatic changes. Therefore, apple juice served as a perfect substitute for making this kind of wine.

A bit of street food

Due to the busy streets, it is not surprising that there is excellent gastronomy for passers-by. As a tourist, you can stay in a hotel with incredible views of Frankfurt and enjoy it. The variety of street foods is impressive, but we can highlight two typical dishes.


It is a fried potato omelette. It looks like a slightly thick, golden brown bread and is quite popular on the streets all over Germany. It is served with garlic cream and aromatic herbs to give it a better taste. Despite being a relatively simple dish, it is sometimes fried with spices such as nutmeg and black pepper to give the omelette more flavor.

The texture is crunchy and somewhat greasy. Undoubtedly it is a dish that should be eaten hot so that it does not lose its texture. However, it is a dish that is ready in a moment, and you can take it to go for a walk because it is easy to transport and eat.

Deutsches Essen

It is translated as German food. People usually put together dishes with different recipes that are mixed according to the customer's wishes. In addition, chefs on the streets make large portions of other preparations to have several options presented to passers-by.

A popular combination is Champignons and Semmelknödel. Champignons are cooked with onions, spices and oil and served with garlic sauce. Smmelknödel are fried bread dumplings filled with sour cream, white cheese, and herbs to give them more depth.

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